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mcfly_times's Journal

McFly Times
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McFly Times is a community where many fans gather together to share anything and everything McFLY. From news, music, pictures, and discussions, we have it all. So come join us today! Don't be shy, we're very welcome to any newbies that come along. :]

At this point in time membership is open to all members. If you have any question/comments, feel free to comment this post.

respect all members (including the mods), please stay on topic, sharing is ♥, please remember to tag and leave a source per post, all icons & graphics should be under a cut, no fan fiction is allowed, when finding photos, please upload them to an image site or link them to the post.

Feel free to contact a mod if you have a question about anything.

cementedwords Liz & dovedale Rachel.

affiliates * other links
mcfly official (official site), mcfly myspace, mcfly army fan fiction boards. mcfly online.

douzie_fics | tomia_fics | hotelfloor | sun_surfing | breakthewords | fletcher_daily | Harry Judd Facts (courtesy of skylten | hellyeahmcfly.tumblr.com | mcflys.tumblr.com/ (graphic tumblr by pink_1lady)

Want to be an affiliate? comment on this post.

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